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I make software engineers and organizations better.

Richard Morgan

I currently live in Miami, FL, with my wife Hannah. While we are from North Texas, we both love to travel. I have been to nearly 50 countries, and she is catching up at 20!

In 2002, I began my software engineering career as an intern at Electronic Clearing House (now Intuit). Over the following two decades, I worked as a backend engineer, a frontend engineer, and now as an engineering manager, where I lead culture and architecture for an organization of 70+ engineers.

Short-Term Goals: Optimize for learning and continue developing my leadership and management strengths without losing technical skills.

Long-Term Goal: Co-found my own software company building a B2C SaaS product and grow it to millions of active users. I enjoy working in mid-sized teams of 20-200.

Professional Background

As a software engineer and engineering manager with over 20 years of software engineering experience, I am comfortable wearing either hat; however, I prefer not to wear both hats on the same team in order to coach and empower my team without micromanaging.

In my current role as Director of Software Engineering, I primarily help my department head support an organization of over 70 engineers. Over the past two decades, I’ve specialized–at various times–in backend development (PHP and Node.js), frontend development (Angular, React, Backbone.js, ExtJS, and TypeScript), web performance, and security.

In recent years, I’ve transitioned from actively leading software development and architecture as Lead Software Engineer, to managing software development teams and guiding our transition to microservices, to investing in people and developing engineering leaders.

Work-related interests include leadership, test automation, machine learning, application performance and security, functional programming, microservices and micro-frontends, automation, CI/CD and DevOps.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, music, travel, and investing. I’ve spent several years abroad cumulatively and have traveled to nearly 50 countries and most US states. As a teenager, I played classical piano, and in high school, I was the drummer for a metal band. I also made multiple forays into politics, including running for Congress in TX-21, working as a software engineer for a major party presidential candidate during the 2012 general election, and running for the Dallas County Community College Board of Trustees in 2016.

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