Don’t point fingers

“Investigate mistakes in a way that focuses on the situational aspects of a failure’s mechanism and the decision-making process that led to the failure, rather than cast blame on a person or team. We hold blameless root cause analyses and retrospectives for stakeholders to speak up without fear of punishment or retribution.” - GitLab Values: Blameless problem solving

People are our biggest asset, and they inevitably make mistakes.

  • Everyone’s behavior makes sense to them.

  • A company is always designed to produce the results it produces. e.g. If there are lots of bugs, the behaviors that lead to that are being reinforced. (Bringing Out the Best in People)

“Managers are responsible for identifying the behaviors that lead to good and bad results and arranging for the consequences that are necessary and sufficient to accomplish the company’s objectives.” - Aubrey Daniels (Bringing Out the Best in People)

“The role of leaders in every organization is not to find fault or place blame but to analyze why people are behaving as they are and modify the consequences to promote the behavior they need.” - Aubrey Daniels (Bringing Out the Best in People)

“Finding fault with people for their behavior is unproductive and unfair. They are simply behaving in a manner consistent with the consequences they’re receiving now and have received in the past.” - Aubrey Daniels (Bringing Out the Best in People)

Don’t let others point fingers either

“As the manager, it’s your role to ensure that all the interpersonal dynamics at play within your sphere of influence are healthy and productive.” - John Barton

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