Create a diverse meritocracy

  • Cultivate diversity of experience, perspective, and backgrounds
  • Create organizations where people progress by merit, not luck or privilege.
  • Listen to the people who have the experience, regardless of their title
  • Sponsor people who deserve to be elevated and support people in growing into their potential
  • Create a culture where the least senior people get the opportunity to speak first
  • Leaders are wise to speak last

There seems to be a misperception among some people that promoting diversity is incompatible with creating a meritocracy and requires overlooking the most qualified candidate. I believe this is incorrect. Instead, we should recognize our inherent human bias to prefer and surround ourselves with people who are similar to ourselves (See the liking-loving tendency under psychology). By deliberately cultivating diversity, teams will benefit from a more comprehensive range of viewpoints.

Promoting diversity does not mean promoting people who are unqualified for the role. It means actively and deliberately looking for opportunities to promote people who are qualified but may otherwise be overlooked.

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